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Redeem & Delivery Matter 2014-07-21 Views Count ( 3233 )

兑换 & 邮寄事项 
产品交付截止日期为 23/07/2014。
在 23/07/2014 当天兑换任何产品我们将在当天郵寄,
但我们不能承诺其产品将在 24 - 25/07/2014 准时运送到目的地。
任何会员在 23/07/2014 兑换产品,
於 24 - 25/07/2014 並没有收到交货,
那么该产品将会在 04 或 06/08/2014 交货。
因此,任何产品兑换在 24/07/2014 之后,
我们将会在 04 或 06/08/2014当天郵寄。

Due to the Hari Raya holiday, We are here

pleased to informed that our product delivery

closing date on 23/07/2014.

Any product redeem on 23/07/2014 we will delivery on that day

but we cant promise the product will be delivery to destination

on 24 or 25/07/2014. Any member redeem product on 23/07/2014,

and does not receive delivery on 24 or 25/07/2014, we ensure the

product will be delivery on 06 or 07/08/2014. 


So any product redeem after 24/07/2014,

we only delivery the product on 04 or 06/08/2014.

We urge all the members redeem products as early

as possible to avoid any delay delivery.

We apologize for the any inconvenience caused.

We take this opportunity to wish all members 

happy holiday and Selamat Hari Raya. 


Thank you !

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