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Ikyu Enzyme
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01003 Ikyu Enzyme
There is no life without Enzyme
''The Most Complete Live Enzyme'', incorporates both land & marine organic plant enzymes.
• Used bio-chemical technology
• Fermentation of probiotics
• Low temperature process


2 types of enzymes
Endogenous Enzymes
(Produced by human body)
Extragenous Enzymes
(Exist in raw food sources)


The main reason for the disappearance of an enzyme...

• Vegetables & fruits - contains herbicides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers...
• Meat - contains preservatives, GMO, antibiotics...
• All enzymes destroy after via high cooked temperature.

Cooked food can't provide "Extragenous Enzymes", body continuously produced "Endogenous Enzymes" to decompose, catalyst & digest food!When body lack of enzymes...
• Internal organ will result in premature ageing & caused serious diseases!
• Body undergo "ageing status", body & internal organ undergo "premature ageing"!

Enzyme takes charge of all functions of our internal organs including:

  1. Cell restoration
  2. Absorption of nutrients
  3. Metabolism
  4. Energy generation
  5. Relief of inflammation
  6. Immunity enhancement
The functions & deficiency effects of the 5 Major Enzymes


EnzymeFunctionsDeficiency effects
1Digestive Enzyme • Catalyzed & digests proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, fiber & fat in foods.
• Prevent high cholesterol level
• Prevent cells & tissue degenerate at faster rate resulting in premature ageing.
Malnutrition, premature ageing, high cholesterol level.
2Fibrinolytic Enzyme • Helps resolves thrombosis, improve blood circulation, avoid blood vessel blockage. Blood vessel rupture, stroke, heart diseases.
3Immuno Enzyme Decompose, destroy & annihilate the bacterial & viral tissue, preventing our body from getting ill. Cancer, hepatitis, pneumonia, arthritis, nephritis, cold, allergy, skin diseases, inflammation at various body parts.

4Enzyme for Organ's Function

• Helps the operation & regulation of nutrients, proteins, minerals, vitamins & water.
• Without enzyme, our internal organs will cease functioning!
Diabetes, hypertension, obesity, infertility, reduced libido, irregular menstruation, hormonal disorder & acne breakouts.
5Antioxidant Enzyme • ts real free radical busters, effectively protect cells from being attacked by free radicals.
• Protects tissue & cells from suffer damages due to serious oxidation.
• Avoid result in rapid degeneration & ageing.
Excessive free radicals, cancer, accumulation of toxins, premature skin ageing & internal organ ageing.


Ingredients of《Ikyu Enzyme》
  • Soil-Cultivated Organic Plants :
    Grains > Brown rice, barley, wheat.
    Wild Veggie > wild Chinese spinach, centella asiatica.
    Vegetable > carrot, basil.
    Gounds > cucumber, pumpkin.
    Beans > natto (fermented soybean)
    Fruits > papaya, pineapple, passion fruit.
  • Soil-Cultivated Organic Fungus :
    Mushroom > Chinese mushroom
  • Soil-Cultivated Herbs :
    Herbs > cactus, aloe vera, mulberry leaf, noni fruit, guava sprouts, dragon fruit sprouts.
  • Natural Algae :
    Seaweed > Algae, seaweed, fucoidan.

Suitable for…
Hypercholesterolemia, Vascular Obstruction, Cancer, Stroke, Heart Attack, Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Indigestion, Skin & Internal Organ Premature Ageing, Reduced Libido, Hormone Imbalance, Infertility, Irregular Menstruation, Skin Diseases, Allergy, Acne Breakouts, Cold, Arthritis, Hepatitis, Pneumonia, Nephritis, Inflammation at various body parts. Consumption Method
• 1 hour before meal. 2-3 sachets daily.
• Pour 100ml of water (avoid hot water) into 1 sachet, stir & ready to serve.

Main Raw Material Certified
■ IFOAM (International federation Organic Agriculture Movement)
■ AQIS (Australia Quarantine & Inspection Service)
■ NASAA (National Australia Sustainable Agriculture Association)
■ SOM (Organic Malaysia Scheme)





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