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Hydro-Rejuvenating Essence (30ml)
P02005 Hydro-Rejuvenating Essence (30ml)
Age-defying Cosmetology
Hydro-Rejuvenating Essence


The most precious gem from the ocean
Core ingredient : FUCOIDAN

Fucoidan, the main ingredient in ARONii Hydro-Rejuvenating Essence, is a naturally-sulfated marine polysaccharide extracted from wild seaweed. It is by far the most valuable bioactive marine substance ever discovered by human beings.

France first attempted the application of fucoidan in the beauty industry. Then it gradually became popular in USA, Japan & South Korea. As a highly efficacious natural free radical remover & anti-ageing agent, fucoidan fulfills the safety requirements and is in tandem with the latest beauty trends. Thus it has become the focus of the international cosmetics market.

Grown in an aquatic environment with high salt concentration and extreme sunshine, fucoidan plays a vital role in terms of hydration. Its exceptional water-retention function not only gently soothes sensitive skin but also restores skin which becomes rough and reddish owing to harmful irritants.



Benefits of ARONii ‘Hydro-Rejuvenating Essence’

Effectively hydrates and moisturizes. Just apply a thin layer to relieve skin dryness due to hot weather or air-conditioning. The product soothes your skin for a hydrated, moisturized and anti-oxidation effect, while it pampers sensitive skin, accelerates repair function, removes blemishes in order to revive the youthfulness of your skin. Witness ‘Age-defying Cosmetology’ effect of ARONii Hydro-Rejuvenating Essence by yourself !


• Regulates the collagen structure in dermis (remove wrinkles & increase skin suppleness)
• Hydrates & firms up (skin become toned & smooth)
• Gets rid of free radicals (anti-aging & anti-oxidation)
• Improves microcirculation (anti-inflammation & anti-allergy)
• Inhibits pigmentation (lightens blemishes & prevents dark spots)
• Balances sebum production (removes acne, pimples & breakouts)


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