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Collagen Plus
01005 Collagen Plus
• France formulated
• Grape Seed Enrich
• Cod Fish Collagen from FRANCE

Collagen serves as a connective tissue which exists abundantly in skin, bone tendon, joints and cartilage. As we age, our body is less capable of synthesizing collagen, tissue loss of elastic, collagen fibers become thicker, stiffen, leading to arteriosclerosis; weakened muscles and joints flexible, the skin become wrinkled, in the aspect medical, it is known as the “ageing” !

Collagen’s effect on skin & complexion

Prevents aging; Prevents wrinkles; Maintains elasticity; Whitening effect; Diminishes black spots; Improves scars / uneven surfaces / pimple /acne / whiteheads / blackheads; Tightens the pores; Hydrating & Moisturizing; Maintains a smooth & glossy skin.

When collagen in aging skin reduces, it will cause thinning of the
epidermis and also elastin (collagen) in the dermis to lose elasticity
which results in the appearance of folded lines & wrinkles.

Promotes slimming & tightening effects

     - Does not contains lipid or sugar, thus it is non-fattening, it helps burn calories
       for a notable slimming effect.

Increase immunity

     - When immuno protein combines with collagen, human immunity level will enhances
       more than 100 times.
     - Forms a strong defensive barrier within the organs, hence preventing the spread of
       cancer cells.

cancer cell

Treats arthritis and joint pains

     - Rejuvenates the tendons and bones, replenishes and
       replaces with new cells, relieves pain.


Prevents osteoporosis

     - Forms a linkage between calcium and               
       bone cells prevents loss of calcium thus prevents

Maintains smooth blood circulation

     - Keeps the blood vessels soft and flexible,
       smoothens blood circulation and maintains normal         
       blood pressure.

Enhances Vision

     - Allows the translucence of eye and maintains
       transparency of cornea.


Detox & beauty package

Key benefits:
Neutralizes acidic constitution, removes toxins, whitens & revitalizes skin, reduces spots & wrinkles.




Anti-agin & slimming package

Key benefits:
Whitens & revitalizes skin, reduces spots & wrinkles, removes fat & controls weight; firms up skin.


Direction of use :

Mix 1 packet into 200ml water (avoid hot water), ready to serve. (2 packets daily).

Ingredients :
Wheat Germs, Apple Fiber, Soy Protein, Peach, Malto-oligosaccharide, Cod Fish Collagen (France), Seaweed, Grape Seed, Vitamin C, Calcium Lactate

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