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Organic Wheatgrass Plus (60 sachets)
01010 Organic Wheatgrass Plus (60 sachets)
Organic Winter Cultivation in Australia
• The King of Alkaline Food • Green Blood • Blood Cleansing Agent • The Remedy For Acidic Body


Human blood cells are very similar to chlorophyll molecules. There is iron (Fe) element in the nucleus of hemoglobin while there is magnesium (Mg) element in the nucleus of chlorophyll. That’s why the chlorophyll molecules are transformable into hemoglobin. Therefore, wheatgrass is also known as the ‘green blood’ which helps blood building and improves symptoms of anemia.

Information from : Dr. Hans Frischer (The Nobel Prize Winner for Red Blood Cell Research)

1. Drink a glass of Organic
    Wheatgrass Plus when the food
    enters your stomach.

2. Organic Wheatgrass Plus
    will be ingested and
    absorbed in your stomach
    within a duration of 2 – 4

3. Organic Wheatgrass Plus
    rapidly neutralizes the
    chemicals in the food you
    consume, flushes the
    harmful toxins from your
    body and reduces the risk
    of modern lifestyle


• A tonic drink for all chronic diseases
• Effective for cancer patients
• Cures my colon ulcers

• Revitalizes my body
• Stocks up vital energy for ailing and exhausted people
• Removes toxins in blood and enhances immune system

• Add radiance and shine to your hair

• Cleanses and improves skin flexibility

• Instantly heals cuts, wounds and bruises.

• Helps bed-ridden patients walk again with renewed vigour

• Cheers you up, makes you look good & feel good with
  luminous eyes.
• Make a smart choice. Consume wheatgrass to keep you
  away from diseases and maintain a healthy body.

• Take a deep breath when you consume the wheatgrass
  drink.This helps your body absorb more oxygen to improve
  blood circulation for easy transportation of oxygen to each
  and every cell while increasing the number of red

Information from: The Wheatgrass Book / Be Your Doctor Author: Dr. Ann Wigmore

• Containing more than 100 active ingredients, wheatgrass is 
  a nutrient-rich plant with proven benefits.
• Studies revealed that wheatgrass is enriched with various
  nutrients which help boost energy level and prevent


 • The chlorophyll in wheatgrass enhances heart function.
• Chlorophyll is the concentrated essence derived from solar

                                            Organic Winter Plantation in Australia 

Direction of use :
Mix 1 packet into 150ml water (avoid hot water), ready to serve. (2 packets daily)

Ingredients :
Wheat Germs, Wheatgrass Powder (Whole Plant). Certified Organic by: NASAA Australia & IFOAM Accredited

NASAA Australia
National Australia Sustainable
Agriculture Association

International Federation Of
Organic Agriculture Movement

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