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Armed with a never-give-up spirit and an unwavering faith, a group of young, aspiring undergraduates launched this network marketing platform, offering everybody an opportunity to succeed by following an ambitious concept and a proven system. 

L2 Committee… as the highest decision-making authority, the engages in market planning activities, works with the company and the organization to overcome market challenges, improve on a well-established system, build a strong foundation for the distributors’ career as they continue develop new customer base…

The eagle icon…

symbolizing courage,

determination, persistence


Products can touch the customers’ hearts … Products act as a bridge between the consumers and the company. e-gaho continues to research and develop highly competitive, quality-assured, top performance, instantly effectively products sold at reasonable price… Each e-gaho product can speak for itself. They are widely popular among the customers and continue to gain considerable repeat orders. Fine quality products have become a signature for e-gaho brand. Over the past five years, our products not only became a trusted brand among Malaysian customers, but also won recognitions in the international market.

It is easier to start a business than to keep it going!

Many people made a fortune in the direct selling business, but even more of us gain nothing in the end after spending more than half of our life working busily. Not because we didn’t make money, it’s because we failed to save money. Besides, we tend to compare ourselves to people with higher level of fame and wealth. Therefore, most of our hard-earned money is wasted on unnecessary material comfort.

In e-gaho’s networking marketing, we believe in ‘saving for rainy days’.  We will automatically save money for you, in a well-established system that works similarly to the EPF benefit meant for salaried individuals, which means part of your income will be saved. This sum may amount to RM10,000 or as high as RM1 million!

The main purpose of our saving system is to offer each member of e-gaho

Network Marketing a truly stable and ‘rooted’ career so that they can lead a more secure life. In e-gaho, fame and wealth is no longer a short-lived fantasy, instead, our mission is to make sure everybody can succeed !

 The success of an enterprise depends on 5 key elements:

Competitive products of highest quality
 A fair marketing plan that promises handsome income
Well-established system
Reaches out to the consumers
Provides 100% after sales service

Over the past few years, the marketing industry had once taken the market by storm. As new marketing companies are mushrooming, more companies are closed down due to mismanagement or financial crisis, triggering a heated debate among the general public who seemed to have lost their confidence in the marketing industry…

Due to inability to choose the right course of their career and distinguish between good and bad, many distributors ended up joining the unscrupulous direct-selling companies featuring ‘get rich quick’ schemes. Helplessly, these distributors will leave the company with utmost disappointment. In fact, after years of market building effort, the marketing industry should have overcome the rough times and a more promising future with steady growth is expected with healthy competition among the industry players. The message is very clear: Choosing the right marketing company is as important as choosing your lifetime partner. This matter shouldn’t be taken lightly.

If you have a passion to create a successful career in life, then you’re welcome to join our family. You’ll get               e -gaho’s staunchest & most trustworthy support!

                                                                   Everyone can success…

With an e-gaho’s network marketing business, we offer you an attractive bonus such as Direct Sponsor (based on real time calculations), Group Bonus (based on daily and weekly calculations), Level Bonus, Loyalty Bonus as well as the unique bonus of our Marketing Plan, which is called Mega Bonus, and there is 100% accumulation without the time limit.

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