22 July 2018, Sunday

Member FAQ

Member Login

1. How to become a member?

    You must be recommended and registered by one of e-gaho’s members or please call to Yigaho’s HQ 03-8076 5688
    if you unable to find the recommender.

2. Maintain / Overpurchase?

    Members must maintain 40e$ every month (if with the product is 50e$), then can enjoy Plan A & B bonus.  

    * Please make sure you have maintained at least 40e$, otherwise, the bonus will be revoked.  

3. How to maintain e$40?

i.  Member can run the ‘‘maintain/overpurchase’’ manually in the member system every month. Please refer to the
    monthly maintain user guide
for more information.

ii. Member can use the ‘‘Auto eCash Deduction Service’’ to deduct e$40 from the ‘‘Group Bonus’’ of  eWallet for
    Plan B
Monthly Maintain. However, member must ensure eWallet has sufficient e$ for Auto eCash Deduction Service.


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